Photograph of earth from space with a satelite in the corner

Branding a Space Investment Experience.

My Roles

Design Lead
User Experience
Interface Design

A kit of materials and website that told the story and built excitement for the Space Angels Network upcoming Expedition event.

We wanted to create excitement for a private event that allows investors an exclusive look at what is happening at some of the space industries’ most ground-breaking companies. While the experience itself was good, the branding and marketing around it were non-existent.

I talked with the team at Space Angels Network to find out what they had learned from the first two events and what feedback they had received, and we talked through their vision for the future of the Expedition.

The Approach:
The project was on a tight timeline and a tight budget. The location of the upcoming Expedition was San Francisco, and one of the significant events was a tour of a company that designs and manufactures satellites. We incorporated the Golden Gate Bridge and satellite imagery in the mission patch and imagery throughout the designs.

Space Angels Network expedition landing page


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