Overhead photo of an Aeropress with the stirring accessory

Mil-la Flip

The Mil-la Flip is a personal project I designed to create a safe and better way of using the AeroPress coffee maker while brewing inverted. Brewing inverted allows you to control the steep of your coffee better and produces a more luxurious coffee. The problem is that the AeroPress wasn’t designed to brew inverted and becomes very unstable and top-heavy, making it very easy to knock it over and spill hot water and coffee grounds everywhere. The stand allows you to have a stable base to hold the AeroPress while pouring and steeping. It also serves as a more elegant solution for storing the AeroPress with spaces designed to keep the accessories while not in use.

I initially started with a pen and paper and moved to cardboard and wires to build a rough prototype. I refined the design a few times and then moved into digital. For the initial test batch, I used a few different types and thicknesses of metals to test strength, weight, and overall feel. After a couple of tweaks, I decided to go with steel for the rigidity and heavier weight that felt more stable. The final product comes powder coated in yellow, red, and blue. I also created an alternate version with a wood base.


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